QUANTUM Collection

QUANTUM Collection - MDF fronts are covered with PVC foil in matt structure. The delicate cutter of the front makes your kitchen an unique place.

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The main features of the QUANTUM Collection:

  • High quality of materials used in the production process (bodies, fronts and fittings).
  • The fronts are made of solid MDF board, 16 mm thick. The outside of the fronts is covered entirely, without joints. The covering also covers the edges of the fronts. The inner side is white.
  • In the GRAY, LAVA and KLON JERSEY body, we provide solid and durable BLUM hinges - without silent closing. There is a possibility of equipping in silent closing. In the body of WHITE, however, we provide GRASS HOPPER hinges with silent closing (not applicable to corner cabinets and drawers).
  • In the open cabinets, gas telescopes were used.
  • High-quality metal handle suitable for the width of the cabinet (white, gray, lava). Fixed plastic handles (jersey maple body).
  • The drawer cabinets are equipped with METABOX BLUM drawers with a total load of 30 kg.
  • Each standing cabinet has adjustable legs, enabling precise positioning of the cabinet, even on uneven ground, and plinth in the color of the selected body, cut to the width of the given cabinet.
  • In our offer you will also find high-quality cabinets, equipped with the TANDEMBOX system from Hettich, and the AVENTOS system from Blum.


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